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The Shaping aims at physical and spiritual perfection, which, in turn, fosters better quality of life, harmony and happiness. Through perfecting body shapes people harmonize their energy, and in this way enhance the body’s adaptation to life conditions (health state). Perfected physique implies health and wit, and person’s aerial bodies are sure to be full of love, wisdom and kindness. Shaping’s social motto is “through a healthy and happy personality to a happy society!”

Many people are not aware of the fact that they can live a better life. The human body is, primarily, the result of the lifestyle based on thoughts and ambitions. Any person can rather quickly improve through a quest for Beauty, Harmony and Perfection, which will determine a certain lifestyle, mentality and overall aspirations.
Shaping system features a number of individualized advancement technologies. In terms of Shaping, technology is interpreted, as thorough knowledge required gaining the guaranteed result. This knowledge includes in-depth explored steps, rules and regimes to follow. You are free to choose any type of Shaping technology. The choice depends on your current self-perfection level: shaping – classic, shaping – therapy, shaping for pregnant ladies.

Shaping – classic
A program focuses on physical perfection achieved by means of changing the physical body composition. The word Shaping was coined in 1987 in St. Petersburg to name an “innovative training technique aimed at correcting body composition”. This is a quote from an invention application submitted to the State Patent Department of the USSR on December 6, 1988. An innovation was carefully examined at the 1st Moscow Medical Institute named after Setchenov and got a positive conclusion, which enabled shaping to obtain the patent and became an invention in physical culture. Shaping research indicated that there is a certain consistent pattern in body composition of people who look good in terms of current beauty standards. The Shaping model concept has been developed from a careful mathematical analysis of these consistent patterns.

Shaping Models parameters were calculated according to body types. Actual physique parameters are compared with those of a certain Shaping Model, and from this comparison we determine current health state, physical capacity, as well as training schedule that enables exercisers to effectively attain training goals.
Shaping – classic classes are scheduled twice a week. Each class lasts 55 minutes. Training for a year significantly enhances your body shape. Shaping – classic technology’s motto is “You’ve got the look that you like”
There are some other programs based on the Shaping Classic technology. They were designed to meet the requirements of different groups of exercisers.

Shaping – therapy
This Shaping System’s consistent features are Shaping rehabilitation programs designed for people suffering from physical disorders: cardiovascular diseases, spinal osteohondrosis, gastric-intestinal diseases, diabetes and obesity. Adherence to these programs provides physical and spiritual advancement.

Shaping for pregnant ladies
Pregnancy is a very special time for a woman. This section of the Shaping system is excellent for providing more motion, as well as making labor as painless as possible.

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